Do you want to increase profitability? Reduce Admin Costs, End Denials all while saving time?

vTrack is an automated DDD billing and compliance system which combats decreasing industry
margins by reducing billing denial percentages and increasing cash-flow. Stop losing money
from denials and collections! Start getting all of your money on-time now by using vTrack!


  •  Client, provider, and claim database. Automated DDD billing and compliance system
  •  Claim tracking and instant billing file generation to the Arizona DDD. Cloud based and User friendly
  •  Go Paperless with the vTrack paperless file cabinet module
  •  Compliance tracking for certifications with expiration reminders and automatic email alerts
  •  Extensive reporting including Auth expirations and unit overages
  •  Automated data validation and cross checking to prevent denials
  •  Eliminates double entry for billing and payroll (systems synced electronically)
  •  Easily integrates with current payroll systems